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Super Santa

Rusty Yunusov and his creative partner Michael Spitz have completed a screenplay for an animated Christmas story called SUPER SANTA. Imagine THE INCREDIBLES meets THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS, driven by this premise: "Santa Claus is shocked to discover that the kids of today care more about superheroes than they do about him. So Santa tries to win back the kids' love by transforming himself into...SUPER SANTA! But Super Santa wrecks Christmas by spoiling the kids. Little Emily Jones and her brother Tommy embark on a grand adventure to restore Santa Claus and rediscover the true spirit of Christmas!" SUPER SANTA is a Christmas story, a family comedy, and an awesome superhero adventure.

Rusty Yunusoff: Super Santa


'Pushpins' is a serial cartoon written and drawn by Rusty Yunusoff. His approach is like the pushpins we use at our offices: Simple, functional, and pointed; the intent is sharing quick, humorous vignettes, such as when pushpins are used to stick notes, articles, and funny pieces of content on bulletin boards to share with others. The goal of each PUSHPIN cartoon is to elicit a spontaneous, emotional reaction from the audience by capturing the essence of an absurd, contradictory, or irreverent scene between anonymous characters. To do that Rusty reduced the characters and each scene to their basics, eliminating unnecessary details while accentuating extreme elements to add irony and humor.

Pushpins web-series on Youtube

Rusty Yunusoff: Pushpins

Sand Castle

Sand Castle is children's album composed and produced by Sasha Bondarev.Rusty Yunusov wrote original lyrics and designed the cover of the album. With toe-tapping rhythms and whimsical melodies, Sasha Bondarev's debut album is a salute to the pure joy, endless curiosity, and poignant innocence of childhood. Jazzy tunes loved by kids and adults alike. Join the adventures of Masha and her Dad as they sing about pirates, tomboys, toy soldiers and sand castles!

Rusty Yunusoff: Sand Castle


Klara, Dora. Beshenye Babki. Klara and Dora are two awesome and relentless grandmas who are misteriously lacking the aging gene. Their bottomless energy and excitement made them very popular among many of Russian teenagers. This project includes a book series, comics, TV series aired on Russian MTV, Web-series, and even a board game! (in Russian)

Rusty Yunusoff: Klara Dora

Rusty The Puppy

Rusty The Puppy is a completed full-length screenplay for an animated children's adventure written by Rusty Yunusoff and Michael Spitz. Rusty The Puppy is the birthday present of a young man who loves having him. The only problem is that the house is haunted by the jealous ghost of previous dog, who stops at nothing to get Rusty thrown out. Rusty is forced to run away from home to the big city, getting into wild adventures with a gang of cats, a wealthy matron and her chauffer, a sewer monster, and a friendly iguana who thinks he's Zorro. Meanwhile the ghost dog, guilty about what he's done, persues Rusty and tries to convince him to return to his master.

Rusty Yunusoff: Rusty the Puppy

Clay Day

Clay Day is an illustrated children's book written and illustrated by Rusty Yunusoff. Clay Day is a simple, sometimes humorous, sometimes poignant story about creativity and the true meaning of friendship. What makes the reading experience truly unique is that readers can watch the narrator literally create the characters out of clay, then see them interact. The book’s vivid photographs of lively clay characters invite young readers into the author's creative process. Essentially a claymation film on paper, Clay Day will inspire readers to create their own clay characters and stories. Clay Day is intended to be the first in a series of books that will use the same clay sculpture technique to tell stories.

Rusty Yunusoff: Rusty the Puppy

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